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Bangkok Nightlife

The Bangkok nightlife scene gives people a chance to be whoever they want to be for the evening. You can be a rockstar, a supermodel, a cowboy, a well to do businessman, or you can simply be yourself! That’s one of the beauties of Thailand that attracts many to live in this wonder city of sin. Your every need gets looked after, and you can also slip away and your own quiet private time when it’s needed.

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Bangkok Nightlife

I can remember my first trip to Bangkok back in 2003, seeing so many Thai women, and I was overwhelmed by all of these smiles and stares I was receiving from beautiful Thai women. It was hard to describe to friends back in the west, but I’d usually say that the tables between men and women had completely turned. There were more girls in bars than men. When you walked into a club, girls would pretend to not stare at you. The shy ones would dream about approaching you for a chat, while the more aggressive ones would try their pick-up lines on you. I had fallen in love with the Bangkok nightlife and all it had to offer, and I wanted to find my own Thailand girl.

However, there are many things to watch out for, and here are a few tips:

  • Most girls in clubs are not “good girls”
  • Most girls are there to make money, and that needs to be understood
  • There is a difference between dating bar girls and real Thai dating
  • Never disrespect any girl by grabbing inappropriately
  • Always wear protection if the Bangkok nightlife ends back at your hotel
  • Don’t forget that Thai dating isn’t always the same as western dating

Thai Dating

This can be a lot more fun than the bar scene, but it depends on how long you are staying here and what intrigues you the most. Typically, Thai women will want to go out on a first date in a group. Don’t be surprised if she brings along one or two friends. Also, keep in mind that you will be expected to pay for dinner most of the time. Some girls might offer to pay their share, but this is not typical. Paying for dinner is fine. If you see them trying to get you to buy other things such as bags or jewelry at the mall on the first date, that’s a bad sign. It’s normal for 3 people to order around 5 dishes for dinner. If they are obviously over-indulging, that can be a bad sign too. It’s all up to you, and how you want to handle such situations. A simple, “I think we’ve ordered enough for 20 people” with a smile will usually stop the extra ordering. Smile as often as possible.

Thailand is a wonderful place, and it can get even better when the sun goes down. It’s not hard to meet women as long as you venture out from your hotel or condo, but finding the best Thailand girl for you may take many years. Have no fear, however, because she is out there. Have fun looking for her while you enjoy the Bangkok nightlife.


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